Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Estoy en Officina y Garzcue

Hermana Lawrence y Hermana Ferrer (front)
Hermana Silva Y Hermana Morales (back)
Wow! Lets just say a LOT has changed in this past week. I currently have 3 companions: Hermana Ferrer is my main companion. She is part Puerto Rican and part Chilean, but she speaks english perfectly! Hermana Silva is from Brasil and Hermana Morales is from Nicaragua. The two of them have health problems, so they can't proselyte but they are training Hna Ferrer and I in the office. They are ending their mission in two weeks and then it will just be hermana ferrer and I as hnas in the office. We work in the office 9am-5pm and then we proselyte from 5-9. We have been SUPER busy in the office this week! The whole mission is getting new phones and the phone companies messed up so we've been figuring that all out! So I'm not in the real jungle right now, but everyone is calling the office "the jungle" so you could say that I am still in one! haha 

Hna Ferrer and I have been  a little stressed because we're white washing the area, it's a super difficult area, we're both new hermana leaders, we're both new to the office and everything. Balancing between proselyting (we're still expected to have a normal amount of baptisms) and the office is still taking an adjustment. But all is good! I am excited to be here, and we are still able to see miracles. But it's true, being in Gazcue is a lot different than Yamasa! But I am still going to enjoy it!

I love you all! I love being a missionary and being able to share the wonderful message of the restoration with everyone! You all can be missionaries too!

Hermana Lawrence

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