Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More adventures!

So this week was so good! We had zone conference (last one with the Corbitt's) which was
Hermana Lawrence translating
AMAZING. It was separated into 3 days to accomadate all of the missionaries. The first day I translated for Hna Corbitt. It was my first time translating, and lets just say translating is harder than it looks. Having to keep up with everything is difficult, but we survived! haha It got better when I translated a different day. Its really a talent that some people have! We saw a video that Presidnet and Hermana Smith made for all of us. There were people crying, just a lot of really mixed feelings because we all love the Corbitts, but we are all praying and already love the Smith's. In the zone conferences, We talked about la Fe Exceptional (president corbitt's favorite topic, and mine as well!) We talked about how we need to see our investigators already dressed in white, which now is a daily thing for me. It's funny because Sunday we got to church a little early and only one lady was there. We didn't know her so we went to go talk to her and she told us it was her first time at church. Later I
leaned over to Hna Ferrer and told her that Santa Julia (the woman) was already baptized in my mind.
Later we came to find out that, yes, she actually already is baptized. She is a menos activo that just moved into our area and a friend from work invited her to come back to church. She cried all through sacrament meeting and then later that night we went to go visit her and she cried all through that as well. She has wanted to come back to church for so long and she finally did and felt the spirit so stongly. It was fast and testimony meeting, but the majority of the testimonies given were 70's and really prestigious people (apparently in Gazcue we get a lot of visitors like that....) so the meeting was super great!

We've been working with an investigator named Estela. She's the mom of a member and she accepted to be baptized this week! She only has a couple of doubts about how she sells coffee. She doesn't drink any, but she wants to be completely clean of this before she gets baptized, which we understand. It's good to see that she really wants to change and leave behind everything. I love her so much! And her daughter, Dulce :)

We went to the Acuarium for P-Day! My favorite part was seeing the Sea! haha I still cannot believe that I live in such a beautiful place!

I also decided to de-frost the freezer this week, which then turned into a snowball fight....It's been a while since that has happened in my life and I really didn't think it would happen in Republica Dominicana! haha

I love you all so much! (sorry my email is tuesday, pero ya ustedes sabe que la officina es loca) haha. Hope you all have the best, BEST week ever!

Hermana Lawrence

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