Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bautismo y Boda

Wow! It is crazy how much can change in just one week! It was one of the craziest, busiest, and mostexciting weeks of my mission. Manuela has been an investigator of Gazcue for a LOT of time. Her whole family got baptized about a year and a half ago, but she couldn't get baptized because she had her boyfriend and wasn't married to him. He never wanted to get married, but they stayed together. On Tuesday we went to go visit her and she told us the GOOD NEWS! Her and Fabio (her boyfriend) had finally decided to get married! We decided we needed to get them married before either of them
Fabio and Manuela's wedding
changed their mind...haha so we talked to the assistants immediately and started getting everything together for them to get married. We put the appointment for Saturday morning and the baptism for saturday night! The whole week we were preparing for the wedding and baptism (we bought rings for them, talked to members, EVERYTHING. IT WAS CRAZYYYY) Saturday morning came and the appointment was for 10 am. They were going to meet us at the church and then go to the junta (I don't know what to call it in english. the place to get married) together. We got there at like 9 and waited for them. It got to be like 9:30 and they still hadn't showed up! We called
and they said they were on their way. So we waited some more. 10:00 came and we were freaking out. We called the assistants and asked if there was any way we could call the junta and put the cita for 11:00. The lawyer guy said he would wait until 11, but if we weren't there, he was going to leave. We walked to Manuela's house and they were outside the house just waiting for her friend. We were like, no, we need to go. So we started walking and luckily we met up with her friend. We got into a guagua that told us that they were passing by the metro station (because we had to take the metro to get there). The guagua then went the the OPOSITE did pass by a metro station, which then we found out that it was the wrong line of metro. So long story short, we finally got onto the metro at like 10:45 and we were DYING. Freaking out because we could not be late! (i forgot to mention that we had Hna Steed with us because her companion was going home, so it was me and hna ferrer and hna steed with the family) Things happened and then it ended up being hna steed and i RUNNING to the junta, because it was like 11:15. We got there at 11:30ish sweating, panting, and really gross. They were all leaving, so we got there JUST IN TIME. Then we got them to preform the marriage, but Manuela forgot her ID, which
you CANNOT get married without it. Ugh. We begged and he did us a BIG favor and married them! I did not even explain a half of the crazy that happened and the miracle after miracle (Heavenly
Father was really watching over us) that we saw. I was asked to be one of the witnesses for the
Manuela's baptism
wedding, which was really cool! Then Manuela called me the Godmother...haha! Then later in the night, Manuela got baptized! We called this story a different version of 17 miracles :)  

Estela still needs a little more time to really make the decision to be baptized. But she's doing really well! She brought mangoes to church for us! YUM! 

Well, Love you ALL! Hope you all had the best week ever!
Hermana Lawrence

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