Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Missionaries are busy!

Good, Busy week! :) I love being a missionary!

On Tuesday we said goodbye to 26 missionaries and welcomed in 2. Yeah. A lot of areas had to be closed, but they'll be opened back up PRONTO and we are not going to fear even though we are a smaller number. We're still going to bring all the Dominicans into the waters of baptism :)

On Thursday we had an activity planned for recent convert families. The people who could be sealed as a family in 2017 were invited to come to the Temple and do baptisms for the dead and then a program by President Corbitt and lunch. It turned out really well! We had about 10 families show up! One of the couples there actually got sealed on Saturday! I love that through our knowledge of the gospel, we know that we can be sealed and with our families FOREVER! I am grateful that we can hope and find joy in sadness because of this! I also got to see a high school friend (Elder Sheffield) on his last day of his mission! He was at the temple going through for the last time on his mission! Haha

Hna Ferrer and I received a reference from some elders about a week ago. We tried calling, we tried going to his house (or where we thought he lived) and we kept trying to get in contact with him, but it never worked. Sunday we were planning and I thought, man, we need to get a hold of this guy. He had gone to church a couple of times in a different ward. So I called and he ANSWERED! We had a cita with him two hours later. His name is Myson, he's haitian (but was born in the Netherlands....haha) he's about 31 years old. He told us he was SO excited to hear from us finally. We had a SUPER long lesson with him, he understood everything and kept telling us that "wow, this is so true" and then reasons from the bible why everything we were telling him was true. Things I've never even thought of! At the end, we invited him to be baptized and before I could even finish, he yelled out YES! He wanted to be baptized that same day! We put the fecha for July 1st, and he was like, "but that's so far away!" He is so nice and is truly a man prepared to be baptized. I can already see him being a bishop! haha. But he's going to be baptized JULY 1. (One of the crazy things about that is it's in 11 days and it will be JULY. What is happening with time?!)

Well, I love you all! Have the greatest and happiest week ever! :)
Hermana Lawrence

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