Sunday, April 30, 2017

A week full of rain, animals, and miracles

It has been raining one whole week straight.....Hna Jones and I are wondering how the clouds have so much wáter! To get to a couple of our investigators we have to cross a river (with a bridge of couse..) and when we went the river was FLOODED. See the picture. We couldn't cross to go teach her! Satan Works in weird ways, right? I also left my umbrela on the guagua the other that's good haha

But other than continually being soaked, this was a very, very, good week! Yesterday we had 8 investigators in church and 8 menos activos and then a bunch of recent converts! We are being sooo blessed here in Yamasa. We are working with really good investigators right now, a lot with fecha bautismales. It is really good to see some miracles :)

Franchesca's Dad is going to sign her Registro Bautismal!!! When she told us yesterday I literally shouted and started jumping for joy! Her mom still hasn't given her permission, but her dad is going to sign it, and she dosn't even live with her mom...So she can get baptized this week, but she wants to get baptized with Jenny on the 13th of May because they've become really good friends!

Jenny is progressing very well! She's going to seminary, Reading her Libro de Mormon and always shares with us what she read and learned!

Fraili is being a Little punk. The other day we had a cita with him and he didn't want to go because it was raining. I gave him my umbrela (this was before I lost it) and stood out in the rain until he came. Maybe that was bad of me, but you got to do what you got to do.

One night we were cutting it close to being home on time, so we were running back to the house in the rain with the echos of all the frecos yelling "gringas! Wait for us!" haha

Well, sooooo goood. Love this work and love this place. These are the best people in the world.

Love you alll!

Hermana Lawrence

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Feliz Semana Santa! (Happy Easter!)

Feliz Semana Santa! It was a good week! Lots of good things happening! It's been so much fun and so great with Hna Jones! It's so crazy we're companions :)

We Invited Jenny, Alejandro's sister to be baptized this week and she said yes! We put her fecha for the 13th of May! She's so excited! Yesterday she was telling us that she wants to be a missionary! haha

So normally we have lizards, spiders and other bugs in the house, right? But this week we had a new visitor: a FROG. Yep. we chased him around the house for the longest time, but finally got him out...haha

We called Franchesca's mom yesterday to get permission for her to be baptized. Her mom rudely said no and didn't listen to anything we had to say. Franchesca started crying (so of course I started crying too). She has such a desire to be baptized, but so many things are just roadblocking us. She told us that if she has to, she'll wait until she is 18 and dosn't need permisson. I am still praying so hard, but I know that everything is in the timing of God and if it's his will, it will be done. But it's still difficult..

We had a "spiritual breakfast" on Friday. You'll all be interested to hear what the breakfast was...Two pieces of bread with butter and cheese in the middle and hot chocolate. That's a normal thing. yeah.

So a big tradition here for Semana Santa is Habichuelas con Dulce. So on Friday we had everyone giving us H. con D. It's pretty good. Kind of weird...
Hermana Jones and Hermana Lawrence

Hna Jones and I celebrated 7 months on the misión by blowing out candles in mangos :) I LOVE MANGOSSS

Well, Love all of you and hope you have the best week evveerrr!

Hermana Lawrence

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Short on time....

So I have so many things I want to say...but I'm probably not going to say half of them because I'm emailing from a crappy email place, but that's nothing new...jaja

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHO MY NEW COMPANION IS!!!! Technically she's not new....HERMANA JONES!!!! My companion from the CCM! We're going to be companions again!! I am like freaking out. This will be the best transfer ever! I'm going to be honest, I'm nervous about having an american companion, though...vamos a ver! We're going to baptize everyone in Yamasa.

We had intercambios this week with our hna leaders. It was all right. I went to their area and they don't have ANY investigators (they're actually closing the area after tomorrow) so we literally contacted the whole time. Always an adventure with contacting :)

Saturday Jostin (just barely found out that it's spelled with an "o") and Alejandro had their entrevistas in the morning with my district leader and they passed with "flying colors" and then later they were baptized! Then  on Sunday they were confirmed and next week they're getting the Priesthood so they can pass the sacrament and everything! They're literally the best. They're always at church before us to help set up the chairs and pass out hymn books. Literally, they show up at like 8:20 and church starts at 9. whaaa haha

I went this week to go do my visa thing. I now have a card like residents have here. Yeah. I'm Dominican. You should be pretty jealous jajaja There were so many people there! It only took us 8 hours to finish...

Love you all! Hope your week is the best!
Hermana Lawrence

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Conference was the best!!!

I learned sooooo many things from conference. IT WAS THE BESTTT. First of all, it was my first time watching it in Spanish...and that was diffrent. I understood everything, but I miss hearing the voices of the people that are actually speaking! Some of the speakers actually did their own translations. Like Elder Christofferson, he knows spanish so I assume beforehand he recorded his talk. So it was actually him speaking, but still. But IT WAS SO GREAATT. I think the thing I learned the most from this confrence is that we are so blessed to have a living prophet. Every time that any one of the speakers talked about President Monson, I was brought to tears. I don't know what was with me. I know that President Monson is a prophet! I loved Ronald A. Rasband's talk. He spoke about the spirit and how "the spirit" is a language. So really, right now...I'm learning two different languages: Spanish and The Spirit. jaja 

This past week was pretty good. Alejandro and Justin are very ready for their baptism on Saturday! I'm so excited! We went and taught Alejandro's sister, Jenny, and when we asked her to say the last prayer, she told us that Alejandro had been teaching her how to say a prayer. You could say that I'm proud. The two of them are reading in their Books of Mormon and they are asking questions when they don't understand something. Justin this past week asked us why Nephi killed someone if he was supposed to be a good guy. We explained and shared the scripture
in Nephi. Fraili won't be getting baptized with them, though. I think he was just telling us he wanted to be baptized because his friends were getting baptized. We went to go teach him the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity (remember he's only 15 years old) and he told us that we're crazy and that he doesn't want to change his life. So he's not getting baptized this Saturday, but we're not going to give up on him! Once he starts reading the Book of Mormon and gains a testimony of the book, he'll want to change. 

A long story short...we were talking to this woman that we had taught her daughters once, her name is Aracelis. She was telling us that one of her classmates had given her a Book of Mormon a LONG time ago and she was asking us a lot of questions. When we started explaining eternal marriages and that families can be sealed forever she was VERY attentive. She started to tear up. We're going to work with her, the only thing is she's Catholic and likes the traditions of Catholics, so yeah... But she has a lot of potential!

Franchesca's mom didn't give her permisson to get baptized. It's really disheartening everytime we get passed one person saying no, just to arrive at another person saying she can't get baptized. We were talking to the President of the Rama and he told us that satan is working really hard becasue Franchesca is going to be something great in the church someday. A leader, she'll guide her family to the right and everything. SO we just have to work even harder than Satan is working. And the Lord is on our side. If he's on our side, why should we fear? Our goal is for her to be baptized this Saturday, so we have a lot of work to do!

I love you all! Have the best week everrrr!
Hermana Lawrence