Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Zone Conference with the Smiths

It has been a good week! We had zone conference for the first time with the Smith´s! It was good, definitley different, but still super good! They really show how much the love us and it is amazing. I love them! And after the conference Hna Smith taught all of us hermanas Pilates! It was INTENSE and so fun! She told us she started doing pilates because she just decided she wasn´t getting old. haha I was pretty sore the next couple days!

Fania accepted to be baptized! She is so cute! When we invited her to be baptized for the 29th, before she said "yes" she asked us at what time. haha Even though it is hard to communicate with her (she's haitian) we find creative ways to teach! We have her a Book of Mormon in Creole and so when we need to know how to explain things we find what we want in spanish and then show it to her in Creole. We also have Creole speaking members, so we bring them too :) It has been a really cool experience teaching her. I remember when I couldn't understand even a little bit of spanish...never want to go back there again. that was HARD.

Juan is doing well. I'm not sure if he will be getting baptized this saturday because he came up to us at church yesterday and he told us he needed more time. We assured him that he was ready (he is) but only Heavenly Father  can give him the answer to be baptized this satruday or not. We are going to go teach him tonight, so hopefully he prayed and we'll see what his answer was. He is just nervous that he will fall back into the things he his bad friends and things like that. But he's a strong guy. He'll make it through!

It was Estela's birthday this past week. We planned for a lesson with her that day, but we showed up and her family had a suprise  party planned, so we ate some cake and wished her a feliz cumplea├▒os! We're still waiting and praying for her to make a decision. Something that has been difficult lately is dealing with people's agency. I am so grateful we have agency, though. What a great gift!

Being here in Gazcue, so close to the office, we kind of get abused...haha hermanas are always staying with us, we do crazy last-minute intercambios because hermanas are in the hospital, last night I had to wake up at 12, and two in the morning to make sure that a hermana made it to the airport..etc. But I am grateful we can help. So yes. We're having a "special transfer" Hermana Ferrer and I are being separated. We had a zone activity today (our chapel is the stake center and also where the office is located, so we were there for the activity) and towards the end President Smith came up and told us that he wanted to talk to us when we were done. We went down to his office. I talked to him first and he told me that I am getting a new companion here in Gazcue. Her name is Hna Arciniega from Mexico. President told me that she wants to go home. She dosn't like to leave the house to go proselyte right now, she always says she's sick, even though she is not. He told me that this is a "special assignment" that I am going to get her to stay and enjoy it. I feel a lot of pressure right now. I am also very nervous. I hope I can live up to their expectations. But I am grateful that I can have this opportunity to grow and learn from this hermana! I am super sad that Hna Ferrer is leaving :( Love that girl so much. It'll be way different with her gone!

One gross/funny thing that happened last night: We got home for the night and hna ferrer went to go shower. I started writing in my journal and I hear a scream from the bathroom. Then she comes out wrapped in her towel, the water in the shower is still running and she's crying. There was a spider as big as my hand on the inside of the shower curtain! I can kill small spiders, but this one was a little too big for me to handle, so I thought of other people who could kill it....We have a "wachiman" guard that is always oustide our apartment because the DR President's niece or something like that lives above us. We called our district leader for permission for him to enter our house to kill the spider (at this point we were outside our apartment in pj's because it was a BIG spider...ew....) then we tried calling the zone leaders then the assistants. NO ONE would answer. So we finally called Hna Smith. She gave us permission (she was laughing haha) so he entered our house and killed the dang spider. Ew. I hate bugs. 

But, I love you all so much! I hope that you have the BEST week ever!!
Hermana Lawrence

Hermana Lawrence loves mangos!!!
Pilates with the Hermanas in the zone

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