Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jopones! (Japanese!)

This week was a good one....just like all the other ones! We're definitley seeing opposition, but we're always taught that just past the opposition are the miracles, so I'm ready! haha

On Monday night we found a 25 year old guy from Japan who is interested in learing more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was interesting teaching him because he didn't even know who God is or what religion even is. The DR is a VERY believing country. I've met one or two atheists on my mission and that is it. Everyone always goes on FOREVER about how they love God and Jesus, so going to the complete opposite is intresting. I'm excited to continue to teach him. His name is Kota Ito.

We had a "cosecha" (harvest...?) on Thursday in Villa Juana, an elder's area on Thursday. That's where all the missionaries in the zone go and work in one area. Hna Ferrer and I split up (we're the only two hnas in the whole zone...), I went with the relief society president and Hna Ferrer went with the Young Women's president. We both had experiences where we visited people and they were SO excited to see sister missionaries! I went and visited a menos activo and she started crying when I walked into her house. She told me her original missionaries that baptized her were hermanas. This area has had Elders for a very long time and they miss us hermanas :) We both felt really loved when we got back to the house that night!

Saturday we ate a LUNCH. The member brought us out chicken, pastelon (like a plaintain lasagna), potato salad, rice, and homemade cherry juice! So good. The funny part is that she put 3 slices of the pastelon on my plate to start out with and then before I even finished one piece she put TWO more
slices! And then she wouldn't stop putting chicken on my plate. I was kind of full after....like REALLY. So don't worry...I'm not starving! Here in Gazcue we actually eat with members a lot (it's a richer area..

Yorleidi got baptized on Saturday! She was so cute in her little white jumper. She was soooo excitedWe got to sing "a child's prayer" with her cute primary friends. It was adorable. Then she was confirmed sunday! 
We taught Juan last night. He's excited for his baptism this month! 

I LOVE YOU ALL!  I know that the gospel of Jesus Chris is true and that Heavenly Father is always watching out for us!  Have the best weekkk evvveeerrr!

Hermana Lawrence

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