Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Adios y Bienvenido

President y Hermana Corbitt y missionaries

I had some of the craziest, coolest experiences this week. A lot of changes, but it´s been good. We had an office meeting and President Corbitt told us that he was reading in the Mission President Handbook and it says that ¨young single sisters don´t work in the office¨ so he took us out and now we are just normal proselyting hermanas. But we have still been doing some jobs in the office. Like translating every single letter that Pres Corbitt wrote every monday to the missionaries (3 years worth of letters...) It took forever (and a couple LONG nights) to do it, but I learned a lot! The mission changed a lot in the time that he was the mission president! He is a great man and Hermana Corbitt is a great woman! They will be greatly missed!

We went to the temple with them for the last time on Tuesday. It was absolutely amazing. I recieved a lot of revelation and a lot of answers to prayers :) Hna Ferrer and I got to get all the temple clothes ready for all the missionaries (sizes, and what not) so we got to spend some extra in the temple dressed in white! The greatest! The temple is the best place!

Our mission collects the bottle caps from all the waterbottles we drink and then we send them to Puerto Rico and they donate money to cure cancer. Hna Ferrer and I had the assignment to take them to the CCM to get them sent to Puerto Rico, we knocked on the Area Presidency´s door and ELDER ZIVIC opened the door. It was kind of a shock haha We were just like ¨will you take these bottle caps...¨ haha It´s always cool to bump shoulders with General Authorities
Pres. y Hermana Smith   Pres. y Hermana Corbitt

Friday morning we arrived to the office early and made sure the office was SPICK and SPAN! We all were going crazy waiting for the Corbitt´s and Smith´s to arrive. They are all the coolest people. I love them already! When Pte Corbitt was introducing Pte Smith to us, they both started crying. It was so tender! I was the first Hna in the mission to give Hna Smith a hug :) That is cool haha The second thing she asked me was if I knew where to buy heated hair curlers...I think we´re going to get along! haha We also boxed a bunch of stuff up for the Corbitt´s and put their address on it to send it to them. They live on McKinley Avenue! YES! haha

As far as proselyting goes, we will have a HECK of a lot more time to proselyte now! I´m super excited! Estela is doing well, she told us that she can´t stop thinking about if she should get baptized, so I think this week is going to be the turing point and she will finally get her confirmation! Myson is being a punk. He hasn´t come to church the past two weeks, so his baptismal date has to be pushed back and back. It´s kind of confusing how he is so excited to be baptized but then won´t come to church. His excuses are pretty weak too. Like it was raining. But he is reading the Book of Mormon, so that is good :) We also met Juan yesterday at church. A member brought him. He´s 27 years old. Then we went and taught him at the members house in the night. He accepted to be baptized! We didn´t but a date, but he is super excited and he loved everything we taught him. 

I love this gospel! I love being a missionary! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Hermana Lawrence​​

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