Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Home bound and bed bugs :-(

This week was very interesting. And at this point next week I have no idea who will be my companion, where I´ll be, or anything. The week started with my companion telling me she was too sick to leave the house. Obviously I tried to get her to leave, but nothing was working, maybe she really was sick. Things happened and so the next day she had an interview with Pte Smith where she told him that she wants to go home. Before this point she didn´t want to go home. We went to the doctor, they gave her a million and two drugs and she still didn´t feel better. Right now we are waiting for a response from Pte on whether or not they´re sending her home or not. So this week has been a little stressful. Especially because the majority of it was spent in the house. When you have ¨sick days¨on the mission, you kind of get incredibly bored. I read a lot of the Book of Mormon, practically every Liahona we have in the house, I cleaned the house 10 times, and drew some funny drawings for my companion...haha. What makes it worse is that on Wednesday morning (at like 3 in the morning) Hna Arciniega woke me up and said we had bed not only were we stuck in our house...we were stuck in our house with bed bugs and cockroches... It was splendid. That´s why I cleaned so much. hopefully I got rid of them! On wednesday night we sleped at a different house in the mission that has air conditioning. It was the first time in 10ish months that I have slept with air conditioning....and i FROZE. I never thought I would wake up so many times during the night because I was freezing. haha Interesting how things change. Luckily it was only one night! 

Since we were unable to proselyte this week, I was getting worried about our investigators. I was calling them like crazy! Haha I was also praying that it wouldn´t effect the progress of Gazcue. I was literally praying for a miracle. I know Heavenly Father answers our prayers! Because He did mine! We had 8 investigators at church! Four of which was a family that showed up because their friend told them to check out the ¨mormon church¨ (thank you friend...) The mom´s name is Alba and then there are her three children Yohshua (9), Wiliagnny (10), and Abigail (15). They´re the cutest! They absolutely loved church! All the members were going crazy when they showed up. They´re already members in my mind! I am so grateful for a Father in Heaven that knows our desires and knows personally! Heavenly Father even answered my prayers when I got a call Sunday night from Hna Jones telling me that Noelia, Yoly, and Fraili got BAPTIZED! That´s right! All three of them are a miracle! They were people that I was teaching up there, and they all got baptized! If you remember me talking about Fraili, it really is a miracle! haha Yesterday, with a lot of persuasion, we were able to go see one investigator, Leiby. She accepted to be baptized! WHOOO! And her Son, Eugeni,  as well! They still don´t have a fecha, but they will soon. 

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love being a representative of Him. I know that HE Lives!

Hope you all have the most fantastic week EVVEEERRR.

Les Quiero!
Hermana Lawrence

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